Kieley Art

05_02_2013_14_21_00_Picture1Perry Kieley was born and raised in Gander, Newfoundland. He developed his appreciation of the Newfoundland scenery at a young age when he visited the many out ports with his parents.

Perry is a self-taught artist who picked up the artist bug in 2003. He paints mostly from “head shots” or from memory. He works mainly in acrylics and is best known for his work with the beautiful Newfoundland scenery. Perry’s paintings are so realistic they seem to speak to you and certainly bring you back to a place or memory that means something. “Reminds me of”, is a very common comment when viewing his artwork. He captures the beauty of Newfoundland and transplants it on his canvas for keeps.

Perry was the 2009 and 2012 Art Procurement recipient with the Town of Gander. His work has also won other awards. His artwork can also be viewed or purchased by visiting kieleyart through facebook.

Today, Perry lives with his wife in Gander. While working on his art he is totally absorbed in his project while listening to classical music on bust! That’s what family members call his “perricasso mode”! Do not disturb, Artist at work!!